DWP Accessibility Manual

The DWP Accessibility Manual is one of the projects I'm most proud of. It is a collection of accessibility guidance and best practice all in one place.

I've contributed countless hours, pushed over 60,000 lines of code, written pages and pages of guidance, but I want it to be owned by the community. It's completely open source. View the DWP Accessibility Manual on GitHub, contrubute to it, and feel free to reuse any of the codebase for your own projects.

The project is based heavily on the GOV.UK Design System, only it is using a different configuration behind the scenes to make it feel more like the GOV.UK Prototype Kit. It uses Nunjucks and Markdown, so pages and guidance are easy to update and contribute to.


WCAGify is a simple function for people who need to reference the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines frequently and are tired of copying and pasting.

WCAGify looks up WCAG 2.1 criteria based on a reference number supplied as a string and returns an object with the URL and name etc. It means you don't have to get the criterion name 100% correct as long as you know the reference number. It also adds consistency to your reports by returning the name exactly as it's formatted in the WCAG 2.1 standard.

You can get WCAGify on or view WCAGify on GitHub.

A11y Palette

A11y Palette is an accessible colour palette designed to meet a contrast ratio of 4.5:1. By using a contrast ratio of 4.5:1 it will always meet the minimum requirement to pass 1.4.3 Contrast (Minimum).

Colours are available in both Hex and RGB, so you have no excuses for not using an accessible colour combination on your PowerPoint presentation.

The contrast ratio for each combination is also provided automatically.

You can view A11y Palette as HTML or you can view A11y Palette on GitHub.